A Good People Strategy
A Good Business Strategy

Successful Organizations

Include leaders and teams who know where they are going and how to get there.

Effective Leaders

Engage team members with a clear vision, shared values and meaningful purpose

High Performing Teams

Have the skills, behaviors, tools and support required to unleash their potential.

JCV HR Solutions Can Help

As a coach, challenger and catalyst for change, we support organizations that want to establish business-focused Human Resources and Talent Development teams, tools and processes that drive real value creation.


  • Build or Scale your HR Capability

    Properly staffed and positioned Human Resources leaders and teams are strategic enablers of business performance and growth. We help you assess your current HR capabilities and build value adding talent management solutions that will help you move beyond compliance driven personnel management to business integrated Human Resources leadership.

  • Develop your Leaders

    Effective leadership is critical to attracting, engaging, and retaining the people you need to delight your customers and achieve your goals. We help you leverage the strengths of your managers and create insights and actions to develop their weaknesses through individualized feedback and coaching.

  • Focus and Engage your Team

    The most successful businesses have team members that understand the company's goals and are committed to achieving them. We help you create clarity of purpose and establish goal setting and performance management tools and processes that go beyond score keeping to create a culture of engagement.

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Who Is JCV?

John Vitale

John Vitale has 30 years of leadership and business management experience. Early career accomplishments included developing and implementing leadership and team development training programs, designing and facilitating experiential learning programs in communication, leadership and management, and designing and producing tools and programs for developing and communicating organizational goals and strategies.

Most recently, John has led the establishment and development of strategically aligned Human Resources functions and high functioning HR teams for both privately held and public companies.

John has developed an appreciation of the opportunities and challenges experienced at both large and small companies. His leadership roles at Cotiviti, Maxum Petroleum, Eastman Kodak, PerkinElmer, Zurich Financial Services, U.S. Tobacco, Waldenbooks, and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York have provided a diversity and depth of experience.

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By Jon Anderson